A Brighter Future

It was quite a dull, boring discussion at the Futurist Club tonight. Usually I enjoy myself well enough, but when they start talking about housing, I just don’t feel like I can relate. I see the future for young people, and it’s not one of home ownership.

She-who-must-not-be-named had great promises, saying that eventually the housing market will flip as floating homes are instigated as an affordable solution. But that’s not a thing. And neither is the so-called rise of the local property conveyancers. Mentone will not become the seat of a conveyancing empire that will champion the cause of people who don’t own housing assets, and fight tooth and nail to get them on the property ladder. I don’t know what the future holds for conveyancers, but after the pack of lies were were told by HER, I think it’s safe to assume that nothing is changing in that area. That’s not a dig at conveyancers, though; just a statement on life, and owning a home.

Anyway, they spent a good bit of time talking about vendors statements and the like in the discussion today, although that was mostly Rajesh saying that he thinks the Australian dollar getting a massive boost in 2028 will cause a huge influx of skilled immigrants. You see, the 2028 Olympics will be held in Alice Springs, they’ll go down in history as the best Olympics EVER, including the original ones back in Greece, and then everyone is going to want to live in Australia. The economy will be strong, the housing market will be strong, and Australians will get special housing rights like access to the very best conveyancing. St Kilda, where I live, will be particularly thriving because it’s beach-front property and it being the centre of the national property market. I expect I’ll get some kind of dibs, according to this story.

That’s Rajesh’s theory, anyway. After the big incident, I’m slow to trust that sort of optimism again.