My Daughter’s Appointment

You should have seen this person run into the optometry practice with her daughter! She ran in sweating buckets and clasping her daughter’s hand. She was running late for her appointment, which was scheduled fifteen minutes before mine. Her being late could have meant that my appointment was pushed back until hers was done, and I would have been ropeable about it.

Fortunately, the highly-regarded children’s optometrist respects manners and works in an orderly fashion, and she told the patient before me that she’d have to wait for another time slot to open up. She explained that it wouldn’t be fair to make the people who were here on time wait because she was late, and ushered my daughter and me into her room. I was very grateful for the way the whole thing was handled.  

My daughter’s appointment with the optometrist went smoothly. She doesn’t need glasses which is great, but we wanted to get her eyes checked because we never had before. My husband and I are really determined to make sure our daughter gets the best of everything, which means getting the best healthcare and visiting the best optometrist in the Bayside area. Being good parents doesn’t have to be hard.

I would never be late to an important appointment like that lady was. Not only is it extremely embarrassing and rude, it also sets a bad example for her child. Now it’s going to look like she doesn’t care about her daughter’s health and it may be really difficult for her to get an appointment with such an esteemed optometrist any time soon. 

Oh well, I guess not every parent can be held to the high standard that we hold ourselves to. That just means our daughter is going to be further ahead than her daughter is. That’s not a bad thing for us, it’s probably bad for her though. Bye!