This is Not Your Dog-Friendly Office

I don’t approve of animals on worksites, and I never will. I’m not some dog-hater, although I’m not a big dog lover either; I just think bringing them to work is a silly trend and it needs to stop, pronto. Simple as that.

Seriously, these weird Millennial trends with their dog-friendly offices. I don’t even think dogs belong in offices, if I’m being honest. They can’t get out to do their business and they just don’t seem like they belong on carpet. Dogs are outdoor animals. They deserve to run. Not that I think they belong on a worksite either. Unless you’ve specifically trained your dog to fetch work supplies- and I really do mean they have to know how to open up your toolbox central locking with their little puppy paws- then I think they’re best left at home.

There are SOME dogs that do great work with humans, don’t get me wrong. Sheepdogs, for one thing. Emotional support dogs seem like a good idea for hospitals and schools, provided that they’re clean. But when you get to working with heavy aluminium equipment, that’s when you need trained human workers and no one else.

Seriously, I had one guy asking me if he could bring his cat to work and leave it in his ute. That just doesn’t sound fun for the cat, and I know how much those things love boxes. Even WITH toolbox central locking, I bet they’ll find some way to crawl inside, and that’ll just be problematic.

So for the integrity of everyone’s removable service bodies and general safety, no workplace animals. I don’t care if you have to get a pet sitter, or give them away to someone who isn’t at work all day. It’s not my responsibility, and we’re not running a doggy daycare here. Seriously, it’s dangerous. You seriously expecting your cat to consent to wearing a hard hat and high-vis equipment?