Church desperate for pest control

Two weeks ago my grandfather got home from church and in a panic, told me that he needed someone experienced in termite exorcism. He went on to explain that the church was falling to bits and he suspects termites were to blame. Everyone in the church had been noticing how bad the place had started to look. Admittedly the church had been putting off getting a pest and termite inspection for the past couple of years. Not the best idea for church almost entirely made of wood.

My grandfather noticed the floorboards in the Sunday School room were so bad that it was a hazard for the children to go in there. He asked me if I knew of any good companies that could handle the pest inspection. Berwick doesn’t seem like the kind of suburb where white ants would be a problem. I told him that I had used a company once a while ago which were great. They were quick, affordable and professional. I still had their business card at home so I went and got it for him.

My grandfather called up the pest control team and arranged for an inspection and a quote for the church. Because my grandfather wasn’t a great driver he asked me to go and meet the pest inspectors with him. When we arrived at the church, the pest control van was waiting in the car park. We walked the men through the church and my grandfather pointed out where most of the visible damage was. The men were surprised that the church had put off a termite inspection for so long. The church may need some serious repairs before it is safe for people come back in. Thankfully the termites are not going to be a problem much longer. It was advised that if people would be singing and dancing in the church it would have to be closed until the floor was repaired.

My grandfather raised money from church donations to get termites guards put up around the building. I could tell my grandfather was relieved, but concerned at the same time that the church would run out of money. I told him not to worry as the people at church would be more than happy to help, and if they still didn’t have enough I would be able to cover the remainder of the cost.