Beaut Ute

Another day, another dollar. Happily for me, I really like how I spend my days, and this coincides with how I get my dollars. What can I say? Mobile instrument repair is my jam, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having said that, things would be going even more smoothly if I had a proper spot to stow my equipment. My uncle recently palmed this ute off on me, and it’s kind of awesome in its way, but my stuff is always rolling around in the tray. I’ve been advised that there are parts and accessories I can add to make the vehicle more functional, but I haven’t gotten around to investigating that yet.

It’s not rocket science, I guess. A tray canopy would be a good start – just something basic to keep everything secure and protected. My electrician told me about removable service bodies for utes, which sound like they could be a go, although I might not need anything that complex. It’d be cool to feel like more of a pro, with a specialised work vehicle fitted out to my specifications.

To get the ball rolling, though, I could start by looking at custom aluminium toolboxes. Melbourne friends, got any recommendations for where to start? Like I said, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just something durable and affixed to my ute tray, so no one can make off with it. It needs to be secure, too. I wonder if I can get one with central locking?

The more I think about  all this, the more I wonder about the possibilities.What if I could add on some kind of ramp or elevating device for moving pianos? What if I could carry a full rack of guitars securely? What if I could add a slide-out spot for a cooktop and fridge for weekend drives in the country?

I’m getting more and more convinced that this ute is a good thing to have, with the capacity to make my days even more enjoyable.