Balloon Animals For ALL the Kids

No, amazingly I do not think a cocktail night works for a baby shower theme. Is anyone familiar with fetal alcohol syndrome? I guess not; I’m the first one out of all my friends to be having a baby, and no one has bothered to do a lick of research in case this ever happens to them.

I guess they can all have a cocktail party while I content myself with orange juice. It’s what I’ll be doing for the next three months, anyway. Then the baby will be born, and I have a load of other things to worry about: piano lessons and changing nappies and planning birthday parties, although not in that order. That order would be weird.

Fortunately I happened to marry a guy who does entertaining for a living, so as well as our child having balloon animals at their beck and call, we have an encyclopedic knowledge of every single birthday party venue anywhere near Carrum Downs and all the fun stuff to do. Also, the party entertainers to avoid. For example, I really like the sound of that band that goes around doing stuffed animal murder mysteries, but apparently Klepto the Clown has quite the smoking habit behind the scenes.

All useful information. Though the indoor play centre thing is mostly going to be for me, when I need a bit of a break from parenting. I don’t think Jordan will ever need a break; his batteries have infinite energy both when entertaining and just relaxing at home. Just for me, then. Although I do get it: it’s not a babysitting service. You do indeed need to watch your child. I’m not an idiot.

These birthday parties are going to be wild, however, because they pretty much have to be. Dad is an entertainer, Mum loves to party, and we know all the really good indoor play centres. Carrum Downs is our oyster. So even if it turns out that I’m a terrible mother who forgets names and makes bad lunches…the parties are going to make up for it, big time.