Advocating for These Mighty Homes

Construction is fascinating, if extremely clumsy and odd. Home ownership interests me as well, although the  general concept is less intriguing because it’s essentially the same thing as signing an arcane contract. That is, the easiest branch of wizardry. My nephew could perform contract spells, and that boy is destined for a bottom-of-the-barrel career cleaning up dragon dung in the castle stables. I’m surprised he has the smarts to make his eyes point in the same direction. Of course, things get more complicated when dealing with the passing of ownership…that’s when you need to prepare yourself for trekking across mountains and some magical slam poetry.

Ownership is different here, however. When I first moved into this ordinary house on an ordinary street, I was convinced the property advocates operating in Melbourne were…something different. In fact, I was very nearly revealed in my first over-the-fence conversation with Vera, the lady who lives next door and talks forever. Vera said that they found their own home on the recommendation of a buyers advocate, and I instantly thought that homes here MUST have some sort of life imbued within them, as do many in the arcane realm. Some castles have been brought to life by dark magics and must be cajoled into accepting owners and visitors, for example.

However, buyers advocates do…nothing of the sort. It is merely a descriptor of their role in advising people on purchasing high-end property. That’s more or less what Vera said, before she went on for fifteen minutes about a casserole recipe that went wrong. I desperately wanted to mutter a spell that would cause my body to burst into black flame.

The good work of the companies in Melbourne that do property advocacy will continue, and without the danger of the houses eating them, so those are better job conditions. Also, they have paperwork here as well. You don’t need slam poetry, but you DO need to sign many, many, many pages.