Treehouses, a Place for Childhood

Lightning most definitely strikes twice in the same place. If it had only struck once, they maybe the tree-house would’ve stood a chance. We managed to get out there and put out the fire, and we were in the kitchen congratulating ourselves when there was ANOTHER lightning strike. Long story cut short, the tree was gone, and so was the house we spent all summer building. Not like we had any emotional attachment to it or anything. Nope, just…sort of vague disappointment seeing it crumble into ash.

The kids loved it almost as much as I did. They just like to be up high, for whatever reason…you’d think we were a family of pilots (although we are not). So for the last few months we’ve been making do with the local Menai kids birthday party venue that we only know about because of…you know, that girl’s birthday party. She’s in the same year as Heidi. Her mum’s name is Rhonda and she’s probably the purest example of a proud parent I’ve ever seen in my life. But it was a nice birthday party, and the place with one of those indoor play centres, so…we’ve made do.

There are a few high climbing frames and slides, so it fills the quota, although it’s not quite the same as a tree-house that you build yourself. I carved out the insides, made the furniture, made all the supports to hold it in the tree…and then Melbourne just has a bunch of freak lightning storms and that’s it. Poof. No more tree, no more tree-house.

At least I’m not bitter. And I don’t mind the indoor play centre place, although I keep thinking that I could improve it with a few nice, big wooden tree-houses right up there in the roof space. All indoor play centres, here in Menai and elsewhere, should have tree-houses, for socialisation, fun and general decoration. There’s no structure that brings more joy to both kids and adults.