My Sudden Mission

It’s not every day that you suddenly have the best job ever, after having had the most boring job ever, but sometimes life just throws curve balls at you in that way. I’ll take it.

Most of what I do is making sure things have been filed correctly, along with a whole lot of copying and printing, but yesterday the boss called everyone together and said that he was going to give someone the responsibility of visiting all our other offices around Australia. He’s looking into award winning office designers. Melbourne has some of the best in the business according to my uncle. The rumour mill states that our office is the worst-looking across the entire company and he wants to bring up our profile.

Anyway, it was going to be me visiting all the other offices, ostensibly to attend liaison meetings but actually, secretly, I was going to note down all the cool office stuff that they have and report back to create a MEGA OFFICE with all the best qualities. Apparently my flawless attendance record and swift work had something to do with the selection process, although the boss did also make a point of mentioning that I’m basically invisible around here and no one will suspect that I’m conducting some kind of civil espionage. So…that’s a bit insulting, but I’m letting it bounce off me because I get to report on office design. And I’m a bit of a visual designer myself, in my spare time of course. They don’t want my ideas, of course, but I don’t HAVE to say they’re mine. Could just mention that the Sydney office has plush carpets, and everyone loves them.

And while I’m on my tour, they’ll find a highly-rated company for office fitouts in the Melbourne CBD, and we will have our mega office. Our mega office with plus carpets, and maybe one of those really flashy pod coffee machines because some people don’t properly wash the aeropress after they use it!