The Grass is Greener

Victoria, as per usual, is not cooperating. It is not playing ball, and I’m getting tired of it. I lock down the house, I prepare for the wave of incoming heat like an invading army, and I take the day off work saying that I have a serious temperature (it’s technically true!), and then there’s a cool change the next day. All those minutes hammering nails into the walls so I could create makeshift awnings, wasted…until tomorrow, when the heat will probably skyrocket again.

I’m starting to reconsider not taking that job in Canberra. “Oh, Canberra is so boring!” the past version of me would whine. “There’s nothing to do, and I’ll miss the vibrant coffee scene!” Tell you what, though, I bet the air conditioning servicing companies in Canberra are doing just great in this weather, probably because it is constantly hot. How anyone get anything done in this heat is a mystery to me. Now that I’ve visited a couple of times, Canberra really does seem like a nice enough place to live (despite the heat), even if it’s a strange mix of country living pretending to be a city. It hasn’t exactly got the most banging nightclub scene and you can’t get sushi at 3am when you’re riddled with insomnia and just need somewhere to sit, but still…maybe i’d appreciate the quiet. The stable climate. The lack of congested highways, maybe, I’m just assuming because I don’t know how people in Canberra get anywhere. Limousines, maybe?

I bet they all have air con as well, the lucky so and so’s. I bet air conditioning installation in Canberra is government-mandated, for the comfort of the folks who deign to live in the capital where 3am sushi is pretty rare. It’s like…consolation. Not sure they need it, though, because at least they get more stable weather patterns. That, and the seat of power is there, so they get free air conditioning, maybe.