Must Move Quickly

As the great philosopher once said: “Gotta go fast!”

Ah, video games…they have so much to teach us, if only we would listen. And that’s not basically how I live my life, because any seconds spent NOT going fast are seconds that are being wasted. That’s the whole reason I got a job as a courier, and it’s the whole reason that people think I’m ‘that guy’ when tailgating them or zipping in and out of traffic. But I’m not…I’m definitely not that guy. ‘THAT’ guy is angry and isn’t really in it for the speed; it’s more about the destination for them. But me…I’m in it for the speed. It’s the journey, not the destination, man.

Although sure, alright, I do get angry when people drive slowly. I mean, come on.

Naturally, I have to know all the best mechanics in Ringwood, because breakdowns take away the thing I love the most. I had a breakdown of that very nature last year (yeah, they’re pretty rare…I keep my car in very good nick when I’m not moving fast), and thankfully I’ve memorised the number of pretty much every single mechanic in the area, I took it into the people who had the fastest slot and I had it back by the end of the day. Had to use my backup motorbike that day and only accept smaller packages, but I’m freelance so it didn’t affect me much.

You might be wondering why I don’t just ride bikes, since they’re faster. Well, I do…often. But the power of a car engine is something else, man. Also, I love the feeling of being in control as I change the gears, moving up the speed, and also inside a car I can pump up the speed jams. You can’t listen to speed music on a bike. I know every single garages that offer brake repairs, Ringwood mechanics are some of the best. Even though I can get good deals on services, bikes are surprisingly expensive to maintain. Less money equals less speed. And that’s not good enough. I have the need.