Air Con

Monthly AC Repairs

Today is moving day! I finally found a house that fits what I need. From first impressions, it seems like I’ll be living with good housemates who are keen to hang out and party but are also happy to give everyone their own space. That’s exactly what I want in housemates, and so I’m feeling …

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Ode to Cooling

It’s true, you don’t tend to see many complications of poetry entirely dedicated to heating and cooling. But so far as I’m concerned, my anthology was inspired by the seasons, just as were many great works of art. I’m just going for a bit of a narrower scope…and if people can’t see that, then I …

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The Grass is Greener

Victoria, as per usual, is not cooperating. It is not playing ball, and I’m getting tired of it. I lock down the house, I prepare for the wave of incoming heat like an invading army, and I take the day off work saying that I have a serious temperature (it’s technically true!), and then there’s …

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