Monthly AC Repairs

Today is moving day! I finally found a house that fits what I need. From first impressions, it seems like I’ll be living with good housemates who are keen to hang out and party but are also happy to give everyone their own space. That’s exactly what I want in housemates, and so I’m feeling pretty good about them. The two people who live with me also go to Australia’s best university so it’ll be good to know people before going to my first class… tomorrow! Yeah, it was a real race to the finish line. I almost thought that I wasn’t going to make it in time.

Now, you may remember in my last post that I was really desperate to find somewhere that has air conditioning servicing. Canberra isn’t an overly warm place, especially not in comparison to Melbourne, but my girlfriend is really warm-blooded and is constantly hot. My girlfriend and I will be staying together while I’m away studying, and she is going to come to visit me every couple of months. Like I said in my last post, it’s really important to me that my girlfriend is comfortable when she comes to visit. I love her so much and I want to see her and be with her, which means I need to make this as easy for her as I can.

Today, more so than other days I can tell that my girlfriend is really upset. These last three weeks have been really hard on her, but today she has been on the brink of tears the whole time. I’m scared that if I say one wrong thing she’ll break down and won’t be able to stop crying. I’m going to cry when I give her that one last hug. I love her more than anything, which is why I’ve scheduled monthly air conditioning repairs in Canberra for the next two years.

When I told my housemates that this was going to be a non-negotiable for me, they understood and I was grateful.