Melting Steel Fabrication

Hi everyone, it’s Freethinker Tom here, back with another enlightening discussion about the recent events in Melbourne. As you all know, the city was recently attacked by a giant robot constructed almost entirely out of steel beams. Some have speculated that this attack is a fabrication to make the new premier, Dr Dark McBane, look bad. I can say with one hundred per cent certainty that this is true. How do I know? It’s because of how the evil robot was defeated.

As you know, Super Duper Man came in and used his laser vision on the robot, causing its metal to melt into a giant puddle. But as somebody who once accidentally attended a lecture on science at university, I can assure everybody reading this blog that laser vision does not melt steel beams. Near Melbourne, the people need to wake up and realise that the wool is being pulled over their eyes. Super-Duper Man is actually a villain, in on this dark plot to frame Dr Dark McBane.

Yes, Dr Dark McBane has made numerous attempts to overtake the city of Melbourne through his evil plans, but that is behind him. He won the election fair and square. Nonetheless, there are people in Melbourne who insist that Norris should still be premier. I’m sure that Super-Duper Man is one of these people, creating a super destructive robot and then pretending to stop it with his ineffective laser vision. It’s clearly an inside job! The robot was constructed by the best Melbourne steel fabricators, so I doubt it would be weak to laser vision unless it was deliberately manufactured that way.

And no, I don’t blame the metalworkers who constructed the robot. They likely did so while under threat from Super Duper Man. Maybe we should check his degree from the Superhero Training Academy. If we did, I’m sure we will discover that he actually graduated from the Supervillain Training Academy, because Super Duper Man is a truly bad egg, and must be stopped.