Building a Bastion

Well, I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen this way. I honestly thought that if we experienced a zombie apocalypse it would be because of some strange contagion escaping a lab, like in Steve McQueen’s book: The Sit Down. But no, apparently somebody decided to try going for a swim in the pool of liquid darkness that opened up in the middle of Melbourne, and now they’re a zombie. Good job, former human being. Now you’ve doomed us all.

Most people on the street seem to have been caught already. This is like the world’s biggest game of tag. Except instead of getting tagged you become a brain-devouring monster. Fun times. Apparently, the zombies have even made their way overseas, which is pretty concerning. I don’t know how they managed that, but they did.

I’ll have to risk a supply run soon, going to the old hardware store near Cheltenham that I used to frequent. I could really use some more lumber to set up my zombie-proof base. We’ve currently got a small refuge here, but we need to fortify our defenses. It’s a miracle that we all got here without being caught.

You know, it’s also a miracle that the internet is still working, so I can send these blog posts out. I guess they must have another refuge wherever the internet is run. Isn’t it supposed to be on top of Big Ben or something? I feel like I heard that in a television show once. Surely the zombies couldn’t get up there, so it seems like a logical place.

Well, I’d better get ready to grab those timber supplies. Cheltenham has a lot of zombies, so I’ll need to be careful. I think that’s where they have set up base, which is kind of weird since I assumed zombies lacked the brain capacity to build up a base anywhere. Maybe they’re actually super smart. But then again, our base doesn’t even have a door at the moment. It’s just a 3D projection. Apparently, that is enough to fool them. So I should be alright, I think.

– Nick