Dream Hardware Store

I’m so tired. I’m at work trying not to fall asleep at my desk right now. My eyes are heavy, my breathing is slow and I’m blinking way too many times per minute to function properly. I’m trying really hard to stay awake, but with the heater blowing onto me and making me feel like I’m wrapped up in a warm blanket, I’m fighting a losing battle. Ah… things are going dark.

I’m being chased. My boss caught me falling asleep on the job and now he’s chasing me down the street. I got a head start but he looks stronger than usual and I know he’s going to catch up. I need to protect myself in some way. Maybe if I can just outrun him for another five minutes I’ll be able to hide in the hardware store near Cheltenham. That place is so big that it’s like a maze. I’d be able to hide in so many places – near the carpentry section, the electrical section, the plumbing section – you name it, I’d be able to hide in it. I’ve been to the hardware store so many times that sometimes I dream about it.

Okay yep, it’s decided, I’ll hide in the hardware store. I’m going to have to take the long route so that I can hopefully lose him on the way. If I run straight there then he’ll see exactly where I’ve gone and even though I’ll be well hidden among the timber supplies in the Cheltenham area, if I can give myself even more protection then I want to. I want to get out of this alive. Who would’ve thought that my boss would get so angry about me slightly dozing off on the job? 

I’ll update you when I’m safe inside the hardware store. Well, at least I hope I update you… otherwise call for help as something may have gone wrong.