Strange Ad Production

I want to make something just off-the-walls bizarre. The budget for this project is huge, so I really can stretch it to the extreme boundaries of my imagination. I’ve got to make a corporate ad for my work, and they really don’t care what the result is. They said I can be as creative as I want, with no need to consider anything too deeply. Apparently, we just need some sort of ad for the shareholders, and the less they understand it the better. Time to get abstract. I’m talking images of eyes everywhere, distorted suns and everything in between. This ad is going to feel more like a fun trip down Bizarre Street. Now I just need to find a 2D animation company that can help make my strange vision a reality. 

Do you know what this video needs? Cats. So many 2D animated cats. Cats are really random, and when you put them through a few filters you won’t even know what’s going on. I’ll have cats hiding behind walls, cats jumping through suns and eyes, cats climbing up the walls and anything else you can think of. Comment below how you’d like to see cats in the video, and I’ll make sure to include it.

I never thought it would be so fun to head a corporate video production. Near Melbourne, there are a lot of businesses that would want total control over such a project. My work, however, is more than happy to let a salesman make his magnum opus for a television ad. Now, I’m thinking that the ad will end with a bowl-shaped like a yin and yang, but it has a bunch of locusts in it. That would be really weird! Everyone is going to be talking about this ad for years to come. It’ll be like those ads with the panda that loves cheese. If everything goes to plan, this will be the best ad of all time.