Netting Rivalry, Behind the Scenes

Everywhere I go, I’m consumed by questions that are socially-awkward to ask but I still really want to know them. Take the bus for example. I know when you’re on the bus, you always see the bus drivers waving to each other. Always that quick acknowledgement and you think to yourself that there must be mutual respect between all of their kind. But then, some of them get better routes. Does the driver of the N7 bus to Chadstone secretly envy the B11 driver who gets to go all the way to the airport? Does he seethe daily with barely-concealed jealousy? It’s super not okay to ask, so I’ll never know, unless one of them comes out with a biography.

Or take sports netting for example, specifically cricket netting. Do the makers of cricket netting secretly feel like they’re second-class because their nets aren’t used in an actual game, only practice areas? Or have they contented themselves with their lot? Do the rest of the sports netting makers treat them like a little brother, or is it more of a bullying situation?

And then you get to things like football netting, which is even more niche, and you wonder how they feel. There must be at least some snide comments from the soccer netting folks. Or, as I suspect, sports netting companies might actually make many different types of nets, which would mean the departments are the ones with interpersonal rivalry. How do you prevent that sort of thing? Rotate everyone monthly onto different types of netting, maybe. Everyone does a shift in cricket nets before they move to soccer, to keep things even.

I’m making a lot of assumptions here. As in, I’m assuming the indoor soccer netting and hockey net providers aren’t actually despairing because their product gets more use and thus lasts for a shorter time. Sometimes those balls are kicked really hard into the net. So maybe everyone supports each other in their various grievances. And maybe the N7 driver gets a less exciting route, but doesn’t have to get stuck in airport traffic. Everything in its proper place.