Without Junk Mail

Every day, more junk mail. I’ve tried putting up signs and everything, but it doesn’t matter; there are no repercussions, so people just ignore them. It’s not like I have laser tripwires out there or anything, so people just stroll up to the door and drop things through because of the slightest, tiniest chance that I’ll see their Indian takeaway menu and suddenly want to order roti.

Now I kinda want roti.

Anyway, since we’re moving soon, I’ve been getting bombarded with letters from real estate agents asking me if they can sell my home. And this is a rental. I asked the property conveyancers that we’re getting to handle our paperwork and transfers and all that, and they said that it’s pretty standard practice, at least for estate agents. Funny, I don’t get bombarded with letters from conveyancers. Probably should ask why that is.

I know SOME landlords live-in, but surely it’s not worth wasting paper and postage to send an irrelevant letter to a renter who has no part in any of those decisions. I just don’t like the thought of something being printed, placed in an envelope, taken to the post office and sent to someone who’s going to instantly throw it in the bin because there’s a 1% of it being useful. I’ll take the conveyancer way of doing things any day. You know, the one where they just quietly do their jobs and wait for you to come to them when you need their services. So this is me saying a sincere thank you to my local Sandringham conveyancing office for being smart about their business practices and not killing the environment with unnecessary postage. Also, not crowding my letter box with conveyancing stuff that I don’t need, despite the signs clearly saying that I want none of that.

Except maybe roti. Wouldn’t actually mind if one of those came through the door right now, actually.