No Heat

After two months of not having a working heater, I’ve finally given in and agreed to call a heater repairman. I tried to drag it out as long as I could to save money on bills because having a family of four costs a lot of money. Do my wife and kids even realise how much we spend on electricity, water and gas every month? I doubt it, seeing as when we get a bill my wife passes it, unopened, straight on to me. 

So yeah, I tried holding off on getting the heater fixed for as long as I possibly could. It wasn’t easy, and there were even some times where I struggled to stick to my own guns. Canberra in winter is extremely cold so once it hit June 1st, I agreed to call someone. That was yesterday, and the repairman is coming today for the ducted heating service. Near Canberra, there are quite a few heating repair technicians around, probably because it’s such a lucrative position in such a cold place. So it was easy for me to call someone up and have them come out the next day.

I’ll admit, I am looking forward to getting the heater fixed. Now that we’ve saved about three months worth of money on heating bills that I didn’t have to pay, I’m going to feel alright having the heater on.

I’m expecting that the heater will need more than a service. It’ll probably be more like extensive heating repairs. In the Canberra area, it’s pretty common to get your heater repaired every year due to how often we use it in a 365 day period, so I’m expecting a bit of a bill from the repairman. That bill won’t be anywhere near as much as the cost of running the heater for two months, so it’s a net win altogether. 

I am looking forward to some heat, I’ll be honest with you guys.