Peace in Our Time

Ideally, there would be harmony in the office. And you’d think that would be a given, with it just being me here, alone, but I STILL manage to get stressed by my co-workers. My printer is a hunk of junk, for real. It always manages to start working just as I’m about to replace it, which makes me feel bad about spending the money, and then it starts playing up and I’m torn with indecision. My stapler has been giving me grief as well, the WiFi…oh, do not even talk to me about the WiFi. We’re not on speaking terms. And the icing on the cake is Spinny, my faithful office chair, who now only goes down when I press the button and I have to manually ratchet it up.

Ughhhhh, give me annoying human co-workers any day. I’m seriously considering getting a corporate stress management training expert in here, just so I can get some counselling on how to work in this place. I don’t want anyone to think this isn’t a legitimate business, just because it’s only me. And in the same vein, I legitimately can get stressed and need someone to help me get through it. They can even come and do a seminar right here in my home office; this is a real workplace, and it has some real problems.

And to think, my therapist said that I wasn’t cut out for being by myself. “Jimothy,” she said, “I want you to consider the possibility that spending too much time alone is raising your anxiety more than it alleviates it.” Well look at me now, Doctor Branscom, PhD. I’m recognising a legitimate issue and taking steps to fix it…legitimately. I’m find THE most legit provider of stress management courses, and I’ll do that for as long as it takes for me to settle in my workplace, and not be bothered by what goes on around me.

Although if my stapler, shredder, router, hole punch and terrible, stupid laptop can all be present, that’d be good. We can work through our issues together.