Treat Electricians Well

Alright, so maybe we need to give our organisation name a bit of thought. PETE looks really nice when you put it all in caps, but it doesn’t work in theory. People think we’re misspelling the name of that other organisation, the one about animals, and others have said that they just think it’s the name ‘Pete’ but someone forgot to turn off the caps lock key.

It’s actually supposed to be People for the Ethical Treatment of Electricians. Cheltenham has become a hostile place, in case you hadn’t noticed, which you probably didn’t because that’s why PETE exists. See, electricians have very dangerous jobs, and it’s not just a little bit of danger. Not just a modicum of danger. Not just a jot of danger, or moderate danger with some non-danger on the side. It’s ALWAYS dangerous. Electricity is not something that mortal man should ever have to be dealing with, and yet, deal with it they do. You’d think that would pay as much as being a film actor, or a major stock trader, but they don’t even get paid that much AND they get a lot of abuse. Show up one second late and you never hear the last of it on online reviews. There’s a lightning strike and power is cut to the whole street? Well, it’s the electricians’ fault. They must have called the lightning bolt from the sky, because they were bored and wanted something to do, but conversely, they also show up late and fix the problem slow. That’s what these silly people say anyway, without any understanding of what they’re talking about.

So that’s why PETE exists. We’re raising awareness of the work of electricians, why they’re important, and why they need to be treated with respect. You want to keep using the services of commercial electricians? You need home rewiring, and someone to bring the lights back on when there’s a power cut? Well, you need to be…nicer.

Mostly we just stand at the bottom of the power lines and shout encouragement at the moment, but we’re considering a serious leaflet campaign.