Always Driving

When you travel in the community, no day looks the same, and I like it that way. I don’t need to be a hamster running on a ball, even if that ball is connected to the power supply, and running on that ball keeps the building running. Some people are totally fine with that sort of repetitive task, and I respect that. Takes all kinds to make a world, and also to keep the lights running.

But I’ll take my job, thanks. You need a decent knowledge of a large geographic area, and a bit of car knowledge, but I gained those fairly quickly. I know every single shortcut and car servicing garage in Toorak, South Yarra and all the space surrounding, and there are a few of both. Things get really muddy when you start traversing the inner city. All these little alleyways, some of them one-way and some of them two ways, some with extreme parking restrictions and a few with nifty little parking spots that the council probably just doesn’t know about…yet.

And the advantage of basically living out of your car (during work hours, anyway) is that you know ALL the good places for car repairs, the honest spots with good people who’ll tell you things like they are. I like to think I know how things are anyway, because keeping my car in good repair is an actual part of my job. If I have an assignment that takes me off somewhere, I need to know that I’m not going to be blowing a gasket halfway there. Then I’d have to contact someone, try to get anybody who might be available…yuck. No one wants to be the desperate sap sitting by the side of the road, smoke pouring out of the engine and looking up decent places for auto repair in Malvern.

I’d rather be doing literally anything else. Like driving along normally in my healthy car.