Dubious Honour

Keeping a car running is an endless task, isn’t it? The reality really punctures that bubble from you’re 18, you’ve just got your Ps and you’re dying to experience the freedom of car ownership. As with many things, there’s some truth in that outlook, but really, it sometimes feels like the cons outweigh the pros. If I’m not trying to find a scrap yard so I can spend my valuable time sifting around for a discontinued auto part, I’m blowing my budget on replacing the air conditioner.

Then there’s the whole business of finding the right mechanic. Mornington has a few to choose from, and I could also find one en route to work in Hobart, so I’m a bit spoilt for choice. In fact, narrowing down the options is a tad stress-inducing – I mean, no one wants to get anything other than the best deal going when it comes to their annual car service. Mornington drivers are no exception, let me tell you.

I’m only speaking for myself here, of course, but the I was born and bred around these parts. I can say with a reasonable amount of authority that Tasmanians have a vibe that differs from that of mainlanders, and I’m sure it’s partly to do with the landscape and layout of the island. As far as driving goes, I think we tend to have a very particular relationship with it. I mean, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful parts of the world for that activity, and while there are plenty of service centres, I wouldn’t say they’re a dime a dozen – except in the Hobart region, that is. Like I said, there are more service centres around here than I rightly know what to do with.

I can’t deny that having a car is worth the time and money and decision-making energy spent on maintaining it. I just forget how cool it is sometimes – like when my annual service rolls around, my rego is due, and my insurance premium has gone up, all at the same time.