Salmon Breakdown

My days down at the marina can be long and boring. Most of the time, I don’t even get to set foot on a boat. It’s a real relief when I do get to go out on the ocean, along with the salmon fishermen. I’ve always found being on a boat liberating. When I finished my schooling, I wanted to be a fisherman, but my parents thought my grades were too high for something like that. Instead, I became a bookkeeper. That’s why I took the job at the marina, so that I could still be around the boats.

Sometimes they catch more fish than expected, and I get to take a whole bucket of them home. Once, my car broke down halfway between work and the house. There wasn’t a mechanic close to Hobart that was willing to come out and help me, and my phone died after I had tried them all. I survived for a couple of days on salmon alone, using my survival skills to get a fire going to cook them. Eventually, my wife found me, after two days of searching, and we called a cheap car service from Hobart that was willing to drive out for extra cost.

We’re always having salmon at my house, given how generous the fishermen are. It’s a shame that my daughter doesn’t like it. She gets to eat peanut butter on toast while we have fresh or smoked salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s saved us a lot of money on fish and chips, that’s for sure. Just take some salmon from work, deep-fry a few chips, and there you go. Can’t complain.

Another time when my car broke down, I paid the mechanic in salmon. They were more than happy to take it. I’ve paid for everything in salmon. Speeding tickets, groceries, video games, you name it. Some people have started to call me the Salmon Guy. I think that’s going a bit overboard, but it’s probably because my name is Guy, so I can’t really blame them.