Submarine Romantic Times

I tell you what, you try to make ONE little transfer and you can’t. The world has gone mad, MAD I tell you!

My single saving grace is that a new season of Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation just premiered, and it looks like they’re in fine form. They started with a slam-bang episode that continued the story of Sven and Polly, two scientists who’ve been locked in a ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship for an entire season.

See, their relationship became somewhat strained after Sven took a day trip to get away from Polly, ending up in a Brisbane tattoo studio where he got a tattoo that says ‘I LOVE POLLY?’ Yes, with question marks and everything. I’m guessing they are in love, but being trapped in a tiny submarine for months, studying the applications of the cuttlefish mating dance on getting infants to go to sleep? It both brings people closer and makes things awkward, especially their rooms at opposite ends of the sub are literally just small pods with a shelf and a light.

Polly, meanwhile, grew up in a strict household that views all deviation as harmful to the pursuit of science, so the act of going to a tattoo parlour at all was something she struggled with. All day long, while they were observing cuttlefish performing their sultry, special dance, she had to look at Sven’s tattoo and wonder if the two of them would ever be performing the sultry, special dance of getting coffee or doing brunch.

There was no actual room for real dancing on the sub. They have to squeeze past each other just to reach the other side; not exactly a ballroom. 

Polly spent a good deal of time agonising over this tattoo. It all came to a head where she accused him of trying to sabotage their relationship, he passionately stated that he truly loved her, and she ran away to the surface…to a little tattoo shop open in Surfers Paradise

She came back in the boat hours later with a tattoo saying ‘I LOVE SVEN’, and he symbolically scrubbed out the question marks on his with a marker.

Now THAT is a premiere, am I right?