Respect The Feet

Feet really are wondrous things, and underrated in the extreme. I mean, they’re the chariots of our body temples, aren’t they? Not only are they perfectly calibrated to support the bizarre arrangement of moving parts that constitutes the human form, but they’re also hardy enough to withstand being subject to the force of gravity for the better part of the day.

I suppose that, in light of today’s sitting epidemic, the posterior is a strong contender for the seat of gravity’s action through the body. Still, feet remain the classic base of the body, and the part that’s most in contact with the ground, at least symbolically. So why don’t we give them a little more respect? All it would take is the slightest bit of TLC for our feet to be 10 times happier. They’re not fussy, you know – you don’t need to be a foot specialist to take better care of your tootsies.

It’s really just a matter of getting to know them, rather than stuffing them into shoes and ignoring them until you’re knee-deep in fungal toenail infections. Cheltenham is hardly crawling with infectious agents, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few organisms waiting to jump in between your toes in the gym showers. Neglected feet are a prime target, simply because their owners are less likely to notice that something is up. You shouldn’t underestimate the innate intelligence of fungi, seriously.

Likewise, don’t underestimate the intelligence of your feet. They can tell when you’re thinking snide things about the angle of your toes and the weird bump on the back of your heel. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – they’re attached to your body, after all. Did you expect your feed to be somehow dissociated from the rest of you?

In short, give your feet the respect and reverence they deserve, and they’ll repay you tenfold.