The Old Ways

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and likewise there’s more than one way to deal with a gnarly toenail situation. Not that we’re skinning cats these days, mind you – I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong end of the stick about that. No, the days of cat-skinning are well and …

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Respect The Feet

Feet really are wondrous things, and underrated in the extreme. I mean, they’re the chariots of our body temples, aren’t they? Not only are they perfectly calibrated to support the bizarre arrangement of moving parts that constitutes the human form, but they’re also hardy enough to withstand being subject to the force of gravity for …

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Subterranean Complexity

Everything is so much easier when you’re camping. I know that a lot of people would beg to differ on this, but I stand by it. I’m talking about routine tasks like sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes. First of all, there’s just less of everything – less surface area to scrub, less cookware …

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