Use Your Inhaler

There are days when life is really dull.

And then…there are days when fiction just seems uninspired and tame compared to what’s going on in the news.

Like today, when I was listening to the news during breakfast and found that some crazy person tried to break into the state museum. That’s not too exciting in and of itself, but he then claimed that he wanted to steal their piece of moon rock and grind it up as an experiment to prove that humans don’t need oxygen to live.

Just…wow. What causes a person to even believe that? Oxygen is a fundamental part of life, for pretty much everything that IS alive. Not only that, but they’ve basically turned it into medicine. All my friends are well into hyperbaric chambers, which is…well, it’s annoying. Just like when gluten-intolerance became fashionable, now that portable oxygen chambers are big news, it seems like everyone and their mothers have asthma now. I actually DO have asthma, hence why I own a portable hyperbaric chamber, and maybe everyone got jealous. At least if I have an attack at one of my friend’s houses, I won’t have to rely on my inhaler. Just got to jump inside one of their chambers, and if they protest, I’ll just say that I got them onto it.

So that’s weird, but at least it’s going in the direction of MORE oxygen, rather than trying to pretend that it’s not necessary. I mean…moon dust, really? That’s just rocks. People cant breathe rocks, and trust me, I’m well aware; one of my worst attacks was when I was with my family in Tunisia and we got partly caught in a dust storm. That was when Dad decided to look around Melbourne for a hyperbaric chamber. I felt pretty unique, for a while.

But better than, than my parents telling me I’m fine, because I can breathe moon dust! You can breathe IN moon dust. But’…you shouldn’t. That’s when things will go really quite wrong. As it turns out, moon dust is quite sharp and isn’t at all a good idea to get into your lungs.