Ye Olde Property Advocate

Some jobs really have changed throughout the last few hundred years. I’m doing a project for my history class at uni, and I’m trying to compare five extremely different professions. The main idea is to pinpoint five jobs that haven’t just changed in practice, but have basically been altered to the point of being unrecognisable.

Like…one of them is sanitation worker. Cleaning still isn’t a super fun job, but you just can’t compare it to how it used to be, what with one social pariah having to traipse around emptying the rich people’s latrines. Now, drainage systems are pretty much automated. Better for everyone. Although I’m sure there are still plenty of people working at the treatment plants. 

And finding a home? Well, that one was easy. We live in such an advanced and decadent society that we have people who find homes for us. You’ve got companies that do buyers advocacy close to Melbourne, and you just…ask them. Don’t even need to be a member of royalty or anything; just need to pay for the service like you’d pay for any service. So the class divide has most definitely been removed, at least in Australia.

I like the idea of having buyers advocates in the project because it’s such a modern trend, and only something that would really exist in an advanced, affluent and modern society. But what can I use to connect it to the past? People back then just…didn’t buy homes. I mean, they did, but only if they were actual royalty having a summer palace built or something. I guess there must have been people they go to do their looking and finding, like a royal advisor but for property. So that’s the ancient Melbourne property advocate: the royal property manager. Now, I just have to find out if that’s actually a real thing.