Festive Wallpaper

There’s only one way to properly decorate for Christmas, and that’s by getting full-blown renovations for every single room in the house. I hear that forest wallpaper is very ‘in’ at the moment, so…forest. Pine forest? Pine forest…with decorations? This is an important image, especially in Australia. But then, Australia is less into Christmas than everywhere with the proper weather, so me going overboard is just fully necessary. I need to bring back the Christmas spirit to this great nation, and the way I’m going to do it…is with wallpaper, mainly.

And I mean every single room, getting some kind of Christmas makeover. I’d like to try to keep things a bit more subtle in certain rooms, you know…maybe deck out the laundry in greens and reds, add a few subtle little holly wreaths in the wallpaper design, but nothing more. Got to save the main attractions for the rooms that get used more often, especially the kitchen. Absolutely the kitchen, 100%. It’s going to look like a Christmas card in there with what I’m about to do to it. I’d like to rip out the stove and go with a wood burner, one with a spit so I can roast the turkey all old-fashioned. The green and red theme will continue, but augmented with golds and silvers that complement the old oaken countertops. You can print whatever wallpaper you like nowadays, so this really shouldn’t be much of an issue. I also want lots of hooks…those old kitchens had loads of hooks that they used to hang pans, pots, dead animals and all sorts.

Oh, it’ll be a Christmas miracle once it’s all complete, which is the idea. The designer wallpaper in the kitchen doesn’t bother me as much, though; it’s the bathroom. There just aren’t many ways to decorate a bathroom for Christmas. Lots of people don’t even bother. But I’m sure getting in touch with some quality designers, the ideas will flow like…snowflakes. Even without Christmas card inspiration.