Glass Repair Deal

I don’t know who seems more disappointed in me right now: my parents, or my glazier. I see the same type of look in their eyes, you know. It basically says, ‘oh, this crazy fool.’ There is support there, but I can see it steadily evaporating as time goes on.

I can’t help it: I just like juggling panes of glass. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it safely, but that’s a relative term. I still drop a panel now and again; that’s the kind of thing you just have to accept when you’re a sideshow performer. The main problem is that I’ve generally appropriated some of the panes from part of my house, like the windows or the balcony. This means that when I break one, I have to call in a glazier to do a glass balustrade replacement or whatever. Why is this a problem? Because they always give me that look: concerned and confused. Maybe the glaziers in Melbourne aren’t used to dealing with this sort of thing, on the regular.

My dream is to juggle six panes for a full minute; that should get my name in the Guinness Book of Records. But then I’m thinking it might be best to keep this on the down-low until I’ve really got it nailed. Kids might see that and try to emulate this behaviour, which definitely comes with the caveat of ‘don’t try this at home’. 

Maybe I need to expand the circle a little bit. I need really good glass repair service, Melbourne based, who can also supply me with custom panels that are better suited to the purpose of what I’m doing. I also need this particular style of juggling to catch on – not majorly (obviously, that’s not going to happen), but just enough for it to be recognised and enable me to lead the way in its development.