Ninja With Boats?

My family have never really been people of the sea. In fact, while our home country of Japan is filled with legendary fishermen in the past and present, we’ve never really been sailors of the seven seas. Why leave our beautiful islands?

Well…now we have. And now some of our family are looking into whether our group work could be made more efficient by investing in some form of boat. The Yarra river is vast and deep, and escapes from enemies by night could be made much swifter and more efficient if we had more…options, I suppose?

Outboard motor servicing is quite efficient, from what we’ve managed to research, and we wouldn’t have to deal with them constantly anyway. We would ideally purchase a vessel that is easy to conceal, where the outboard motor requires few repairs due to it not being used a great deal, and then it would be a Plan B, or something used for work that takes us very close to the Yarra River. No one expects the family way to be the way of boat motors and night sailing…it would be the perfect method.

To be honest, I’m trying to think about why we didn’t employ these methods before. Of course, ninja have long used waterways to make their escape, or lie in wait for their quarry, but never with boat motors or industrial water vehicles. Perhaps we could swim under the water while breathing through a reed, and sometimes we would hollow out a log so that we could float down the river undetected. And then there were the times when we made a bargain with our rivals that allowed us to use their part of the river. This meant we could sneak onto boats that were in the middle of wide lakes, rivers, and even the sea.

But this is new territory. We’ll have to learn about anchor winches, and marinas in Melbourne that do anchor winch servicing and the like. But we are not too proud to learn new skills. A family is a cutting edge, after all.