The Old Commute

Everyone is into silly video games nowadays, and watching the television devices. I don’t want to be one of THOSE people, but it’s true: we had it worse when we was younger, because we didn’t have all this technology. I got my start in the marine welding industry when I was a teenager, and there …

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Ninja With Boats?

My family have never really been people of the sea. In fact, while our home country of Japan is filled with legendary fishermen in the past and present, we’ve never really been sailors of the seven seas. Why leave our beautiful islands? Well…now we have. And now some of our family are looking into whether …

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Ships That Sail

I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone, going on about moon rovers and flying cars. What they fail to see is that mankind perfected the perfect method of transport years ago, so it’s up to us to perfect THAT. Think about it for a second. No one gets excited for a trip in the car. …

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