Ships That Sail

I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone, going on about moon rovers and flying cars. What they fail to see is that mankind perfected the perfect method of transport years ago, so it’s up to us to perfect THAT.

Think about it for a second. No one gets excited for a trip in the car. Cars are just a way to get from one place to another. We can add in all the cupholders we like, but you always want to get out once you reach your destination, because cars are utilitarian tools. But boats…everyone likes boats. Everyone is hyped to go on a cruise. Boating is a pastime, not a chore. The stainless steel marine welding industry is booming because it’s fuelling leisure: party boats, evening cruises, actual cruises and even those glass-bottom boats that personally make me a little bit nervous, but each to their own. That’s what we should be aiming for, when it comes to the point where our Lunar Kingdom is too large to traverse on foot. Boats that move through the vacuum of space, their sails untouched and gleaming in the outer atmosphere, covered in amenities such as fishing rod holders in case anyone wants to do a spot of fishing for lunar trout while they reach their destination. It’ll be like the golden age of sea voyages, except without all the people trying to steal your boat, and in space! And flying around in boats will mean that no one has to maintain any tires.

That’s why you need someone up there who understand marine fabrication, and how to construct quality vessels. I can do it all, from the lunar snapper racks to the weaving of the sails. Our boats will sail through the sky, a testament to the greatness of our society, a moving symbol of our progressive transport methods. You have to admit, it’s a much nicer image than ordinary, bulky rovers just trundling everywhere.