Old Electricity

Didn’t really feel like working today, so I spent most of the time on Fuzz-Feed looking at lists of stuff. I know, people say it’s all clickbait, but if you specifically seek out clickbait, then…it cease to have any power over you. Totally winning over here.

One list was on ’26 Things You Won’t Believe People Used to Do With Electricity, #7 Made Me Go “SAME!”.

I will admit, I did laugh, although I thought #17 was more of a jaw-dropper. Should’ve put that in the title. Anyway, in the 1960s would could use an electrical glove to shock your hair into…lying flat, somehow. In our enlightened age of commercial energy monitoring (which our office has…although fortunately, they don’t monitor the sites we visit), it’s hard to believe that people used to believe that electricity could do anything. I guess that’s where the idea of Frankenstein’s monster came from. Zap it with lightning, create life!

Or maybe they were just too early. One of the things on the list was the beginning of commercial solar systems, but back in the olden days people used to laugh at the idea that power could come from sunlight. Sounds pretty hokey when you put it like that. But an early patent was a solar panel-coated car that could power itself as it drove around. Looks pretty silly in the pictures, and I think from my limited knowledge that it would make crashes way more dangerous. Still, someone thought it was a good idea to stick on the top of trucks industrial solar systems. Melbourne businesses should be all about sticking solar panels to every surface available. What better way to save on energy costs than to have a multitude of  solar tiles all over the place. Ah, if only…I could make do with not having to pay for petrol. The cost has gotten out of hand lately, I might have to start riding my bike to work.