Kookaburra Palliative Care

Sometimes I wonder if I do too much for this kookaburra. I took him in from the local wildlife shelter under an agreement that it was basically going to be palliative care. I get their weekly news bulletin, you see, being an avid lover of nature. They mentioned that they’d recently rescued a kookaburra; he wasn’t doing too well and they just wanted him to be comfortable. I said, “Hey, I know lots about birds. Give him to me.” And they did.

Now he’s been alive for two years. No one expected him to last this long, but he still needs a LOT of care. For example, just this week I had to call in a window replacement service. Melbourne nature lovers reading this for the ornithological love, stay with me. Basically, I need to have sash windows installed at the back of the lounge. There’s currently just a wall and a heating vent, but I’ve been told that the best way to keep old mate comfortable is to have him near the heat, in a place where he can see outside. Maybe he would’ve coped with just one or the other, but that sounded cruel. That’s why I’m knocking a hole in the wall and adding a whole new window in there.

No one around here quite has the expertise for such a huge job, so that’s why I called in the professionals. But they said we can’t do anything until I cleared out all the furniture, so that side of the room is now basically the bird side. That’s half of my living room, which is not very big. And I only just managed to afford it, after buying another round of the special feed that this kookaburra needs. 

So, yeah… it could be any day now that he leaves this world for good, and I DID say that I’d look after him until that day came, so it’s cool. This is my life now, somewhat absurd though it may be. But at least I can recommend some excellent sash window specialists. Melbourne readers, do let me know if you have any bird-based guidance for me in return. Also if you know anything about native owls I would especially love to hear from you.