Obtaining My Prize

“Give me my dang snapper rack!” I said, walking toward Cuthbert and the strange window repairman. “I just want to unite the lost pieces of the Atlantis and appease my patron.” Cuthbert shook his head and kept a hand on the snapper rack. “That’s the thing, friend. The Heart of the Deep isn’t what you …

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Kookaburra Palliative Care

Sometimes I wonder if I do too much for this kookaburra. I took him in from the local wildlife shelter under an agreement that it was basically going to be palliative care. I get their weekly news bulletin, you see, being an avid lover of nature. They mentioned that they’d recently rescued a kookaburra; he …

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Frosted Secrets

Today’s brain teaser in the Trumpeting Moon was a real scorcher. I pondered it all the way from my home station to Federation Square, and then I was so deep in thought that I had to get of when the train LEFT Federation Square and started to go in reverse. But then, I have that …

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