I hate cavities

How many people can truly say that they understand what cavities are? Well, I’m here to give you a rundown. Now, I’m not a medical or dental expert. I’m just someone who for their whole life has suffered from extremely sensitive teeth. My teeth would sting every time I ate or drank something. Initially I thought this was the result of nerves, but then I spoke to the most recommended dentist near Bayside shopping centre and found out that this sensation could very well be the result of dental cavities. 

Cavities are best described as areas of your teeth that have decayed and developed tiny holes or openings. There are three types of cavities that people can get. The first is a smooth surface cavity. A smooth surface cavity develops on the smooth side of your teeth. Then there are root cavities. Root cavities can cause lots of pain as they develop on the surface of the root of your teeth. The final type of cavity are pit and fissure cavities that occur on the chewing surface of your teeth. Causes of cavities can include smoking, eating too many sweets, not brushing your teeth frequently, bacteria and food debris build up, and sipping too many soft drinks. Cavities can often exist for months on end and not give the patient any pain. When this happens, the patient will often not be aware that they have a cavity until the symptoms worsen and the cavity gets bigger. If a cavity increases in size or deepens, patients are at risk of toothache, tooth infection, or tooth loss. 

Steps for dental cavity protection include brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, flossing after you eat, and rinsing your mouth with fluoride. I’ve found that I’m actively becoming a lot better at practicing each of these steps and since doing so I’ve noticed I’ve had less pain in my teeth and have had less cavities.