Technology evolution

It truly is absolutely amazing how technology evolves over the years. I remember when I first started my construction company everything was done with papers, diaries and planners. I don’t think I’ve used paper and pen in years now. Everything is heavily digitalised. I went to an expo about six months ago about improving systems within the trade sector. It amazed me how many things had shifted from being pen and paper to computer based. Even a lot of the designs were on computers. I remember when I first started learning design, all our drawings involved huge rulers on these massive drawing boards. My son is now studying a similar field and everything is CAD based and drawn through computers. I’m not sure how I feel about it all. I feel like we’re not using our hands enough and are becoming too reliant on technology. One take away that I did love from the expo was the use of trade scheduling software. As my team grew, I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone through traditional means. If a paper or file was damaged or lost then I was screwed. 

Since using the software it meant that all my files and schedules were in one digital place. It also meant that it was easy for me to backtrack where needed. Sometimes contractors would ask for more information about previous jobs they’d worked, how much they were paid, when they were paid, and any other bits of necessary information. It turns out that a lot of the trade industry is shifting to this way of working. I was speaking to an electrician friend of mine the other day and he was telling me about an electrical service scheduling software for Melbourne electricians that he was finding extremely useful. I do think it’s funny how many people out there are such technophobes and just refuse to realise that not all technology is bad, it’s here to help. While those people get left behind, I’m going to keep moving with the times.