Log book benefits

I use my car daily for a variety of errands. Whether I’m meeting up with friends, driving to work, driving to the gym, or going shopping my car will be in use. I like the comfort of my car as it gives me a place to retreat, store my possessions, and listen to music. I also like it as it means that I can zip around town nicely and efficiently without having to rely on the timings of transport. There are many benefits of log book servicing. For starters, if your car is still under warranty, a log book of service history from an appropriate mechanic means that if something goes wrong with your car, the warranty is protected. 

The log book has been a low maintenance but helpful way for me to stay on top of servicing my car. The mechanic simply writes down information from my most recent service and then inputs the date my car will need its next service. I stick to this date as much as possible, and then when the service is done my mechanic will write down the date for my next service. It’s a very easy process. I personally like to always use the same mechanic as he is familiar with my car now. For the last three years I have been taking my car to the same place for a car service. Bankstown has many mechanics I could go to, but I have found one that is affordable and reliable. 

My mechanic and I got into a discussion last time about selling cars and he mentioned that the log book will make it a lot easier for me to sell my car. My car isn’t exactly the newest of models out there, but it’s good. Some people may get put off purchasing due to the year, but the log book helps to show that the car is in good condition.